On a Beautiful and Bright September day, our Community of Extraordinary Women travelled from all over the Country to finally meet in person at Magical Glastonbury!

The First of Many!

Having started in Lockdown, our Stone Circle Sisterhood has been a plethora of support for sharing in a safe space, nourishing the mind and spirit, and encouraging empowerment for all who contribute and enrich our digital space.

Whilst we value eternally the benefits of the group, we knew the relationships that had developed needed a face to face connection. The day was planned with so much love and we enjoyed every second! The energy in the room was ecstatic as the familiar faces of those we've each come to call friends and even family filled every corner. We believe connection is everything, and strengthening connections with likeminded women has the potential to change your life! Having a community behind you to cheer you on through your life journey is a very powerful thing, and something our modern culture has been deprived of. Our promise to our Sisters is to continue to plan these meet ups each year so that we can continue to strengthen our bonds as time goes by, and offer an opportunity to reflect on the year before. We hope to see you at the next one!


Live music is such a magical thing! It was a joy to have talented musicians serenading us as we all floated around in our fresh flower crowns! To see so many incredible women dancing and swishing around in their dresses to the music was a highlight of the day!


The room was bustling with happy smiling faces! Beautiful artwork draped the old brick walls, fresh flowers were scattered everywhere! Persian rugs, peacock chairs, wine barrels and other vintage pieces served as the ultimate Bohemian backdrop to the day. The whole vibe was perfect and so fitting for our very special guests.

Artisan Eats

A nourishing and gourmet mezze spread of delectable vegan foods were lovingly made and served by our SC Sister Chef, Kate. Our featured Stone Circle cupcakes were also made by our very own Amy as a special treat. We're big foodies ourselves and understand the importance of a good feed to top off a great day!

Gift Giving

We asked all attending sisters to bring a little offering. Something that represents them, that they would like to pay forwards. At the end of the day, they were each invited to take something else home with them, to remember the day and the women we are all connected to. It was a great success!

Oracle Card Reading

Our SC Sister, Carly, has been reading cards for a very long time and also has her own published deck. Carly set up a small area for anyone who wanted a reading to come and drop in throughout the day. Her readings were very popular and she received wonderful feedback.


Being in the company of like-minded women who respect and appreciate each other is a magical thing. Being in an environment of wholesome acceptance creates a feeling like no other. To be able to be yourself entirely, and be met with love by people who truly see you, is everything! To see women at all stages of their life journey united together is beautiful.

Without a Hitch!

From the moment we opened the doors to welcome our Sisters inside, we knew the day was going to be so much more than we ever even imagined! To see everyone standing there with beautiful smiling faces was awe inspiring! Faces we have come to know over the course of time but through screens, finally in the flesh was pure gold! Everything went beyond what we had hoped.

Supporting Independent Business

We constructed gift bags for all our guests filled with treats, goodies and offerings from other independent female owned businesses! We had everything from perfumes, to candles, to crystals, jewellery, body butters and more!

"We are Family"

Another highlight for us was observing the families who came together. Mother's and daughters, sisters and cousins... to share a special day with loved ones is a gift and a privilege on it's own. Creating shared experiences like this with sentimental value create life long memories that we will always treasure.

Giving Love

After the year that was, we crave connection with others and realise what social creatures we truly are. To be able to hug and laugh and feel free after so long felt like winning! We have so much to be grateful for and so many thanks to give. To see others expressing this too was an amazing feeling.