Stone Circle was founded through our community Facebook group Stone Circle - The Sisterhood. The group originated as a blog and communal space to talk about Boho styling ideas, body positivity, share fashion finds and create a space where women could feel confident to explore their femininity through clothing, and receive the kindness and support of other group members to help them step fully into their power and embrace the woman most in alignment with their highest self.  

In 2020, founder Alexandra (right) moved back to the UK after living in Australia for over a decade. She missed the easy access of Aussie Boho style clothing, so turned her hobby into a blog. She would make purchases from local UK owned labels, small brands and high street brands, searching for the perfect Boho options for women in the same market. After many discussions and many months, it began to seem as though within the United Kingdom, the ideal 'thing' was very hard to find. We were demanding something thoughtful, conscious. Something beautiful, unique. Something inclusive, for all bodies. Something majestic, but wild... 

The USA have their Country Girl Boho. Australia have their Beachy Boho... we wanted something that gave a nod to our history, our landscapes, with a sprinkle of Glastonbury magic and hippie dust...

It was this revelation that prompted the first small batch of just 20 dresses - ethically sourced, handmade from repurposed fabrics, unique one off designs, accommodating for voluptuous bodies, and affordable. Within a couple of days they were sold out - and thus, Stone Circle was birthed from the imagination, into the world. After this first weekend release, thousands of women joined our Facebook community, and Instagram. The Facebook group is still the heart and soul of Stone Circle and continues to beat and grow. Today we continue to strive for authentic Bohemian trends, with our very own European flare. We love deep earth tones, warm natural hues, golden era florals and a just a hint of British history, as a nod to the women who gathered before. It was at this time that Amy (left) joined the SC family and a beautiful relationship of friendship, business and trust began. The team has expanded from there.

Within the Sisterhood you will find weekly live videos, book club, guest speakers, live reveals, meditations and embodiment workshops and much more. The Sisterhood offers so much support to the community and is 100% FREE!

We believe that within us all is the natural ability to look and feel like a Goddess, no matter what. We are here to reclaim our feminine powers, let our strengths be seen, our voices be heard! To build each other up and rebuild our sisterhood bonds. Together, we shine brighter.