Journey with us through the gates and into Eden, garden of abundance and temptation. Delight in the aroma of freshly cut lawn and thesweet scent of roses in bloom.Eden is bohemian chic couture with quintessentially British roots; each luxurious piece carefully and consciously created to entice and excite.Delight in the crisp juices of the most delicious apple in the garden. Free yourself and take a bite..


We cordially invite you to join our vibrant social media community. Here you will find thousands of women supporting each other to reclaim the freedom to love their bodies and express themselves through their clothing and image. We believe in the power of community and encourage all people to wear their unique beauty on the outside! You can expect to see our members of all ages and sizes, at different points in their journeys, joining the movement to share style tips, outfit inspiration and more in a kind and supportive environment of likeminded Soul Sisters.